gary tiedemann

actor - narrator - producer

I've recorded voice-over for many products and clients. Some are listed here:

McDonalds, Bee Audio, SolarCity, Blinkist, Esurance, Audible Channels, AAA Roadside Assistance, McSweeney's, Audible Studios, Dunkin’ Donuts, La Quinta Inn, Babybel Cheese, DiGiorno's Pizza, Molson Candian, Lightbank, Sears/Craftsman, TedX, Groupon, Discovery Education, BBC, SC Johnson/Pledge, Kelloggs Pop Tarts, Qwest, State of Illinois, WhiteCastle, Coors Light, John Lemmon Films, Don Johnston Incorporated, Harris Bank, US Army, Bally Total Fitness, Crate and Barrel, Firestone Tires, Allstate, Audible Productions, Deyan Audio, PLS Finance, Pioneer Seed, Fangoria’s Dreadtime Stories, Twilight Zone Radio, Ubisoft,

Authors: Ambrose Ibsen, Jay J. FalconerGlen Merzer, Benji KurtzMichael McBride, Jeff Menapace, Tony Hernandez

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Voice over Demos! 

Currently Airing: Gary voiced a McDonald's Commercial! 

It's a corporate explainer video!

Lagniappe! A few extra things.

I played a bunch of characters in the below video game, WatchDogs (Ubisoft). My friends sent me this video of them hunting down one of those characters, while saying "Kill Gary," over and over again. Hmm. Video Credit - Chas Fries and Henry Riggs

From the 2014 Ubisoft release: Watchdogs. This was nice of my friends to post (I think).


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