gary tiedemann

actor - narrator - producer

"I act in shows. A lot of times, though, I'm doing other stuff like recording an audiobook, which is like doing a one-person show  with lots of characters but in a booth with no live audience. Anyway, sometimes, I'll come back and act in a show on stage with other people because I also enjoy that. " - Gary Tiedemann 


Other recent projects:

Beyond Therapy

Chemically Imbalanced Theatre
By Christopher Durang
Directed by Bethany Remely

Some press about Beyond Therapy... 

"...led by an insanely funny cast that can actually act...Gary Tiedemann, with the funniest role of the bunch, very nearly steals the show."  Marya Hornbacher - Chicago Reader

Psychonaut Librarians

Premiered July '12 at Collaboraction's Sketchbook Festival
An Original Production by The New Colony with contributions from the cast
James Asmus and Crystal Skillman By:
Directed by: Sean Kelly
Original Cast: Shawn Bowers, Will Cavedo, Caitlin Chuckta, Sarah Gitenstein, Rachel Farmer, Ashleigh Ross, Gary Tiedemann

Hearts Full of Blood

An Original Production by The New Colony with contributions from the original cast
Written by: James Asmus
Directed by: Andrew Hobgood
Original Cast:  Sarah Gitenstein, Mary Hollis Inboden, Evan Linder, Gary Tiedemann


Some press about Hearts Full of Blood...

"...there is something Tiedemann finds that goes to the core of the pain of abandonment. It had me right back being dumped, and it takes a lot to get me to dredge all that up."  Chris Jones - Chicago Tribune

"FOUR STARS! "The play's snappy dialogue, shocking subject matter and remarkable leading performance give the Fringe a welcome infusion of quality." - Time Out NY 

"...this flawless execution is beyond will floor you." John Biederman - Center Stage Chicago 

"Gary Tiedemann delivers a terrific character study of a man who is in every way moral until faced with the secret. It's great to see his character disintegrate as he is faced with his dilemma."

"One of the best plays that I have seen at this Fringe Festival or any other festival in recent memory...gritty, heartfelt, intelligent and fearless." - Theatre is Easy

"My favorite play of the fest." - Huffington Post 

The 2010 New York International Fringe Festival: 20 Shows With Buzz
This Week In New York


Pancake Breakfast

An Original Production by The New Colony with contributions from the original cast
Written by: Tara Sissom
Directed by: Sean Kelly
Original Cast:  Susan Adler, Andrew Hobgood, Megan Johns, Evan Linder, Thea Lux, Arlene Malinowski, Jack McCabe, Steve Ratcliff, Gary Tiedemann

Some press about Pancake Breakfast... 

"Pancake Breakfast balances glorious sentiment, acrid bitterness, and all the hope and fear of unsolvable real life with awesome grace and polish in both performance and staging." -Talkin' Broadway

"If the worst you can say about a show is it's not quite at the level of 'August Osage County' then you're talking about a really really fine show." - WBEZ Chicago's Dueling Critics

"Barely into its third season, The New Colony continues to prove itself as one of Chicago's essential off-Loop companies." - Chicago Tribune 


That Sordid Little Story**

An Original Production by The New Colony.
By: Will Cavedo, Andrew Hobgood, Benno Nelson with contributions from the cast.
Original Cast: Aaron Alonso, Pat Coakley, Caitlin Chuckta, Wes Needham, Jack McCabe, Anthony DiNicola, Sean Ellis, Danny Taylor, Gary Tiedemann

Here are some rad recordings of That Sordid Little Story band. Recorded with a single microphone at the viaduct theatre. Engineered and produced by Gary Tiedemann, the person who is typing this. **They won a 2011 Joseph Jefferson award in Chicago for best incidental music. 



An Original Production by The New Colony with contributions from the cast
By: Evan Linder
Directed by: Andrew Hobgood
Original Cast: James Asmus, Will Cavedo, Caitlin Chuckta, Chas Fries, Michael Gonring, Meg Johns, Tony Kaehny, Nick Lake, Evan Linder, Thea Lux, Whit Nelson, Josh Odor, Tara Sissom, Gary Tiedemann, Jared Fernley, Kevin Stangler, Quinn White, Wes Needham


Some press about FRAT...

"The true-blue facsimiles of guys you went to school with - or crossed the street to avoid, like the jerk played to perfection by Gary Tiedemann"  Nina Metz - Chicago Tribune

"...nothing but sharp performances" Tony Adler - Chicago Reader

"I don't know if I want to brag about playing a jerk really well. Hey, wait. I was acting. Never mind. It's cool."  Gary Tiedemann -