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Bad Games: Psychopath

By Jeff Menapace

The final game is here....
A decade has passed. The Lambert family is thriving. Amy Lambert is a successful entrepreneur and in a promising relationship with Allan Brown. Caleb Lambert is a respected member of the United States Marine Corps. Carrie Lambert is a flourishing college student.

Or so they wish. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Caleb’s increasingly violent temper sees him discharged from the Corps. Carrie is failing at her second attempt at college. Amy’s relationship with Allan is anything but functional. Aftermath, it would seem, plays the cruelest game of all.

The only thing that is true, however, is Amy Lambert’s success. Numerous public appearances and even a bestseller chronicling her family’s horrific ordeals over the years have brought some unwanted attention Amy’s way. Two fledgling killers who happen to idolize the infamous serial killers Arty and Jim Fannelli have been paying attention - and these two killers are eager to show the Lamberts just how much they truly admire their idols...with the help of Arty and Jim themselves?

Find out how such a horrifying prospect comes to fruition by grabbing the fifth and final book in the critically acclaimed Bad Games series today - and prepare yourself for the game to end all games.

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