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Just in time to fantasize about what the upcoming election cycle could be...

In a narrative rich in humor and uproarious dialogue, Off the Reservation explores modern presidential politics and whether honesty can find a place within it.

Congressman Evan Gorgoni of Bloomington, IN, has served eight terms in a dysfunctional Congress and reached his limits of frustration. But his frank expression on Meet the Press of his rationale for ending his political career is met with the unbidden call that he seek the White House.

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Glen Merzer’s Off the Reservation is as politically savvy and poetically literate a book as I have read in a long while. It is a completely gorgeous and rewarding experience.
— Jason Alexander -Actor
The book is called Off The Reservation, but it’s 100% On The Money about how far removed political discourse has strayed from reality. With unparalleled wit and insight, Glen Merzer dispatches one Evan Gorgoni to go forth and speak the truth to a weary nation, and the result is one of the best reads I’ve had in years. I loved it!
— Ed Begley Jr. -Actor/Environmental Activist
Intelligent, relevant, up-to-date, and unwavering, Merzer’s fictional analysis gets to the heart and soul of American society today. I confidently predict that anyone who has the good fortune to read this book will treasure the experience
— Philip Appleman - Poet/Novelist
I literally couldn’t put down this superbly-written book once I began to read. Why? Because Off the Reservation is wildly entertaining and deeply inspiring. And because I laughed out loud so many times I lost count. What a fabulous, powerful, meaningful book!
— John Robbins, author, Diet For A New America, and Co-founder,